Air compressor rental for all applications and industries

Industrial air compressor for rent for emergency air or planned maintenance.

Air compressor rental in Dubai, rest of UAE, QATAR, OMAN, KSA. The best air compressor rental company in Dubai.

For short- or long-term demands, for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you can use our air compressor rental service for an efficient industrial air supply - exactly how and when you need it. Our engineers design the most suitable temporary installation. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach are part of the total package, all completely tailored to your specific application. ​

Silver Line Construction Machinery Rental LLC air compressor rental are ideal for air-powered tool applications on the job site.  We rent compressors. The diesel driven air compressors are highly efficient, featuring heavy-duty enclosures to provide quieter operation. Centralized controls offer ease of operation for optimum performance in the most demanding conditions. You can use our air compressor rental service in UAE, QATAR, KUWAIT, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA from Silver Line Rental. For all your compressed air needs from industrial to construction applications! A well-maintained hire fleet offered for compressors, within the rage 185 cfm to 1500 cfm. Silver Line is one of the leading player in Rental or Hire of Air Compressors in Dubai and the regions around.

  • Low pressure: up to 4 bar compressor set-ups for process air, aeration systems, pneumatic conveying... 
  • Medium pressure: 4 to 12 bar compressors for piping, refining, textile and paper industry...
  • High pressure: 13+ bar compressors for onshore, drilling, mining, construction...


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